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Here you will find information about Schipperke Breed, the National Club, where to locate a breeder, rescue information, and favourite dog website links!


Founded in 1965 the Schipperke Club of Canada has a proud tradition of maintaining and caring for the Breed to the standard of the country of origin - Belgium. To this end, only the colour Black is accepted for the Schipperke. Members of the SCC abide by a Code of Ethics as developed by the club for the betterment of the breed.




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The SCC Logo was designed by Fran Hoye of Fairlaur Schipperkes explicitly for the use of the Schipperke Club of Canada.

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Pictures have been graciously submitted by the following: Gail Kamitomo, Ebonorth, Camplaren, Kit Wilson, Dreamers Haven, Kleingaul, Mardeck, Marion Postgate, Ritcheiver, Sanhedrin,  Bearschka