History of Schipperkes In Canada
 Much of the information below was previously obtained from the late Mrs. Ellen Brown who bred and showed Schipperkes extensively. Over a thirty year period she reportedly bred in excess of 50 American and Canadian Champions. Notably Champion Jean O’The North who was BOB 46 times.

The first Schipperke shown in Canada
Endcliffe Jeanott at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), Toronto, ON in 1898 . Owners: Toon & Thomas from the USA.
The first Schipperke Registered With the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
Stud book Volume 13-2 , 1909. Siestus Lass, born 1904, bred by J & D Cochran, Hamilton, ON. Dam: Lady Sommerville Sire: El Allwyn.
Early Breeders & Exhibitors
Year Breeder / Exhibitor’s City / Province
1908 Wm. Parker Vancouver, BC
1911 Mrs. E. Selkirk & Mrs. Kate Russell Vancouver, BC
1912 Mrs. J. C. Smith Calgary, AB
1913 Imna Kennels USA
1913 Clare Lamplugh & Wm. Lea Vancouver, BC
1913 Robert Fairclaugh Fernie, BC
1923 H. W. Stuart Sarnia, ON
1927 Mrs. Ellen Brown, O’The North Kennels Toronto, ON
1928 James D. Strachan, Coltness Kennels Toronto, ON
1932 R. N. Holt, O’The West Kennels Saskatoon, SK
1934 Miss Dorothy Cassidy O’The South Kennels St. John, NB
1933 E. H. Perkins Cobblehill, BC
1933 Donald E. Lonsberry, Fairdale Lethbridge, AB
1933 Wm. Unthank, Winlayton Toronto, ON
1942 Orrie E. Lonsberry, North Ridge Essex, ON
1944 James Dixon Vancouver, BC
1945 J. W. McCallum, Schipholm Toronto, ON
  Mrs. Marion R. Morris Calgary, AB
  Mrs. H. Brooks Calgary, AB
  Mrs. Cleon, Cleon Windsor, ON
Year Breeder / Exhibitor’s City / Province
1950’s Miss Ada King, Sunnybank Toronto, ON
  Miss Alma King, Northern Echoes Toronto, ON
  Mrs. Olive Dewsbury, Dewsa Locust Hill, ON
  Mrs. G. M. McKenzie Locust Hill, ON
  Lauchin A McPheeg Toronto, ON
  Mrs. Laura G. McNally (nee. Nygren) Geraura  
  Mrs. L. G. Hoye (nee. Fran Sissons) Fairlaur  
  Marg Kuyt,Roetmopp Langley, BC
  Henry Preston, Preston’s Regina, SK