The Schipperke Club of Canada does not actually perform Schipperke rescue. The Schipperke Club of Canada will  provide funds that are allocated for rescue to other organizations that do conduct appropriate rescue missions for purebred Schipperkes in need.  The Schipperke Club of Canada Board of Directors must approve funds dispersed from the donations received and allocated for rescue.  The Schipperke Club of Canada members, as individuals, are welcome to work with other rescue organizations as rescue volunteers. Those organizations may apply to the Schipperke Club of Canada’s BOD for limited funding.  In addition, the Schipperke Club of Canada will provide on their website links to other organizations that do perform rescue of purebred Schipperkes in order to assist prospective owners to locate available Schipperkes.

Very few rescues of Schipperkes living in Canada have been necessary. The Schipperke Club of Canada hopes that fact will continue and plan to minimize the need for Schipperke rescue in Canada by:

  • Educating our member breeders about the need for buyer screening, sales agreements and other means of ensuring their puppies and adults go to appropriate life homes.
  • providing information to the public through the Schipperke Club of Canada Website about our breed characteristics, health and training requirements
  • encourage member and non-member Schipperke owners to participate at least minimally in basic obedience thereby ensuring their Schipperkes will become good companions to their family
  • describe the “canine good citizen” criteria and provide links to supportive material


We have members who work independently from the SCC involved with rescue organizations in the United States as Canada does not have its own rescue organization.

You will find information on two of these rescue groups here:

In Canada for assistance in locating available Schipperkes or placing a Schipperke in need of a home you may personally contact: