Schipperkes are not a common breed, and there are not a large number of litters being produced. Those seeking a Schipperke may find an alternative choice for them is not a puppy, but an adult dog that a breeder may be willing to part with for a variety of reasons. These adult Schipperkes can be of excellent quality, and are not dogs requiring rescue for their well being.

Such a Schipperke may even be a dog that has won titles in CKC events, but simply not be one the breeder feels would be a big winner in future high level competition, or needed in their breeding program. Or a dog may be found unable to reproduce, or have had several litters, but reached an age where the breeder feels it would be happier to retire in a home of its own. A Schipperke at 4-6 years of age usually has many good years left in its life.)

Breeders are not quick to rehome these dogs, and rarely advertise them. If you do not want to raise and train a puppy, always a time consuming project, and want to know exactly what you are getting, one of these adults can provide an excellent purchase or placement dog for you.

The following list provides names of club members who may have puppies available for sale, followed by a list of those who occasionally have an adult for sale or placement. Rescue Schipperkes of unknown source and background are not listed here.

Schipperke Puppies Available

Kennel Amici Fidelis or via phone 1-902-742-2934

Schipperke Adults Available